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Stay Flexible Forever And Unlock Your Muscles So That You Can Sleep Better & Wake Up Pain-Free For Just $10.95!

Be one of the first to get Alex’s powerful flexibility maintenance, nocturnal relief and daily mobility flows that will:

  • Keep your newly gained flexibility forever!
  • Unwind and center before retiring for the night
  • Get a much more restful night of sleep and relaxation
  • Loosen up your limbs so aches don't wake you up
  • Warm-up correctly for peak workout performance
  • Increase mobility for the entire day ahead!

As a valued Hyperbolic Stretching® customer, I want to let you in on a secret.

Whether You Stay Fully Flexible For The Rest Of Your Life Completely Depends On Just 5 Minutes Per Week.

That’s right.

After you've gone through the main Hyperbolic Stretching program and became flexible, you don't have to stretch so often.

Reason why is simple. It's way easier to maintain your flexibility than to develop it.

So, the only thing you need to do to maintain your flexibility is repeating a simple, short stretching routine only once per week.

... and just enjoy the benefits of increased mobility, productivity and effectiveness at work, at home and in the gym...

And there's another issue to consider.

Less time spent on keeping your newly gained flexibility will free up time for you to either go one and enjoy your life or improve other performance elements in your workouts.

After you've diligently worked on your flexibility and splits for the past 4 weeks, it's time to make sure you won't lose it all for the rest of your life using this simple, intelligent routine that only takes 5 minutes of your time per week. 

If you want to wake up with more energy, more vigor and feeling more refreshed, you need a before bed routine that helps you get a good night's sleep.

But here’s the thing…

Everything you’ve been told about bed time and morning mobility routines is wrong

Everyone believes their before bed routine is the right routine to end the day.

Try searching online for one. You'll see a bunch of guys showing you how to stretch your way to feeling more sleepy and loose. But there’s a problem.

And it shocked me when I discovered this.

Most before bed routines could be killing your back. Because most routines make this fatal mistake:

They force you to put a serious amount of stress on your lower back.

Here’s why that’s bad.

When you sleep, your back expands. With gravity no longer acting on your spine, it naturally relaxes and lengthens.

In this relaxed state, your back becomes vulnerable. If you apply pressure or stress to your spine when it’s like this, it could result in injury.

That’s why so many of these popular before bed routines are risky. Follow them, and you put your back under stress.

This dramatically increases the chance you’ll do yourself damage.

Serious, permanent damage.

We've seen back problems caused by faulty routines, and we know how ineffective they were.

So we turned to Alex for help.

He applied the same approach to the before bed routine as he took with Hyperbolic Stretching. He created a simple, powerful exercise flow anyone could do that takes less than 5 minutes.

The result? The fastest, most effective way to keeping you flexible and relieving aches at night or day.


The FlexiKeeper™ & Mobility Flows

For Maintenance And Lumbar Relief 

Just $10.95 when you add this to your order today Save 89% OFF The Regular Price 

With his understanding of exercise, rehabilitation and athletic performance, Alex knows what works and what doesn't. He took the most effective body loosening exercises and used them in a routine that also protects your back and spine from injury.

Alex came up with 10 really simple exercises that could be completed in less than 5 minutes.

You’ll recognize some of the exercises included - there's nothing surprising or complicated in there. The Morning “secret sauce” however is Alex’s unique sequential flow.

This flow sequence not only keeps you flexible without any warm-up and for the rest of your life, but also protects your back and delivers a mobilization program you can use daily.

Use Alex’s special Flow Routines to:

  • Keep your newly gained flexibility forever
  • Get you a more restful night of sleep and relaxation
  • Loosen up your limbs so aches don't wake you up
  • Increase your mobility for the entire day
  • Help you unwind and center before retiring for the night
  • Set you up for maximum performance in workouts 

You don’t want complicated or strenuous moves when you're getting to bed or ready for the day ahead. The only way to make a morning or before bed routine a habit is if you don’t have to think about it...

That’s why we got Alex on camera to carefully explain every exercise in detail. Here's what you get:

Video #1: 5-Minute FlexiKeeper™ Flow

Alex walks you through every exercise featured in this 5 minute maintenance routine that needs to be repeated only once per week. With this routine you can keep your adductors, hip flexors and hamstrings highly flexible for all types of splits without the need of frequent stretching. 

Video #2: Advanced FlexiKeeper™ Flow


In this advanced flexibility maintenance video, you'll discover how to easily maintain straddles, side splits, front splits, oversplits and full pancake positions including flexibility of upper and lower back. This is the ultimate maintenance routine, one of Alex's personal favorite.

Video #3: Evening Hip & Back Relief Flow


Alex walks you through every exercise featured in the before bed mobility flow. He reveals how to hit perfect form. And he shows you how each exercise works together within the flow to loosen your body and increase mobility.

Video #4: Morning Joint Mobility Flow


This routine will get you ready for the day regardless of your gender, body type, age or previous training experience. Even if you suffer from any type of joint limitation, you'll love the feeling of relaxation in your muscles and tendons, accompanied with increased range of motion for the entire day ahead.

Video #5: Athletic & Warrior Warm-Ups


Proper warm-up routines are key to peak athletic performance in workouts and competition. In this video, Alex presents the correct way of warming up your joints and muscles that can be used for any type of sport or athletic activity.

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With Before Bed's simple 10 exercise flow you don't have to feel lethargic, tight and achy in the morning.

Add this to your order today and you get instant access to both videos. Watch through Rick's tutorial video to understand the flow. Then, as soon as you're winding down for the evening, watch the follow-along video and do the exercises at the same time.

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Normal Price If Bought Separately: $49.00


ONLY $10.95

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Secure Your Flexibility And Mobility... Guaranteed!

As with all my products, there's no risk to you. Add the Before Bed Mobility & Flexibility Flow to your order right now and try it out tonight. Try it for 60 days. If you don't start your day feeling your most energized and ready to go, demand your money back. Contact our friendly team within 60 days for a complete refund. We'll put every penny back in your account, no questions asked.

I know this method is life-changing and honestly, I don't want you to miss out on this opportunity.

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